There is something wrong with your life when…

… you fear for your virtual world guild’s welfare more than your own jobs

… you become more weary of hunting for guilds than you are hunting for jobs

… spending more time investing virtual currency than real ones…

etc, etc.

Once again, I’m stuck at a point in WOW where I spend more time doing “work” than having fun. The burn out cycle is happening with increasing frequency.

I blame the heat… and the game. I think I’m going to blame the heat a little more right now. August is finally here, and knowing what September was like last year… oh god, I don’t even want to imagine.

I kind of want to go back to my 5PM – 4AM wake cycle that I had last year, but right now I have enough morning meetings and work commitments that my bioclock simply won’t shift all the way anymore.

I’m also very bored right now. Trying to avoid logging back in. Trying to avoid not logging back in. Gah. Frustration all the way on that end.

And while I’m moving forward in my jobs/projects, I feel equally frustrated – I don’t get paid enough I think, and this coming from someone who has no love for accumulating money is a big deal. On the other hand, I have enough work hours added together to a point where acquiring a third job is just plain suicide (I’ve tried. Trust me).

So this is how it’ll be like for awhile. I suppose.

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