WTS [Nintendo Wii]x1 plus games and stuff PST

Yeah, I’m looking to sell my Wii. That’s not a blow to say that the console is bad, it’s just that every friend of mine also owns a Wii and this thing being a social console, I have no use for it sitting at my house collecting dust.

So here’s the list of stuff in the package:

($0) Original Wii Packaging Box
the fancy inserts are missing but what it lacks in neatness it more than makes up for with more stuff packed inside!

($250) Wii with Wii Sports Bundle including:
-Operation Manuals
-Vertical Stand
-Power Supply
-VGA Cable
-IR Sensor Bar
-Wii Sports

And all the extras sold under market price:
($10) SVGA Cable
($30) 2x Classic Controller Attachments
($20) 2x Game Cube Controllers
($5) 1x Game Cube Memory Card
($40) Warioware: Smooth Moves
($5) Lego Star Wars (The original, for the GC)
($10) 2000 Wii points with most of them spent to get:
-Bomberman ’93
-Golden Axe (The original, for the Genesis)
-Punch Out! feat. Mr. Dream

All the things punched out into the calculator comes to: $370
Not shipping it anywhere – personal delivery/pick up only. I’ll deliver it anywhere within an hour’s drive from Orange County, CA.

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