More Dream Records: A Pleasent One

I don’t think I’ve had a good dream in a long while, so this is worth recording.

Apparently my parents were fed up with my grades in public schools so they’ve sent me to this prestigious private school. They have uniforms and everything: A white shirt, then a blue vest over it, then a black overcoat over that. Not unlike winter school uniforms we wear back in Hong Kong, actually.

And for once, I’m in the same school and class as my older brother Wesley!

This school has not just one, but two private swimming pools inside campus. Seems heated too. And apparently there’s pretty girls all over the place swimming or just wandering around campus. Over recess I did more exploring. There’s one set of stairs that goes up (to some sort of amphitheater apparently), and a strangely long spiral staircase leads down to the… girl’s locker room.

And there’s a computer store/lab in the middle of campus too. Well, I’m not sure if it’s a store or a lab. They’ve setup this system where you can funnel the ambient music to one of several speakers (not unlike the audio section in an electronic store). There’s rows of laptops all over the floor and desktops on funky looking tables everywhere. I overheard the login and password for these computers: user name frost, password water.

I got on an escalator, and this cutest girl ever with long silky white hair whispered that she don’t remember the password for the computers. I told her, and I distinctively remember being quite happy about this.

One of the things I didn’t like about the school was that the students had to move around to the teacher’s homeroom for each class (whereas the reverse happens if it’s a school in Hong Kong). Speaking of which, apparently one of the classes is Chinese… quite unnerving considering I’ve dropped practicing writing that language for eons. I honestly didn’t feel particularly worried though – it felt like a good lesson.

The final class of the day was some sort of… music class. I glanced over the syllabus they have for the class and there’s apparently some sort of level system. You start at the 12th (bottom) and you work your way to 4th (why it isn’t 1st I’ll never know), and the requirement is to sing some sort of song… I’m not sure, because the entire thing is written in Japanese!

My brother gave me this advice: Get myself over the first level or two today and finish the rest in the next semester. So… apparently I joined the school at the last day of the semester.

The dream ends here.

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