I’m Melting!

It’s finally getting hot in here, and that’s bad news all around!

It’s also been a few dark weeks of not knowing day from night and wake from sleep, but well… what I’ve been getting paid for is finally coming up with some results that I can showcase. And now, without further ado, shameless self advertisement!

EggBeat is a website that I’ve been working on for roughly a year now. It’s been a rocky ride so far – there’s so many things that Flash does that goes against reliable music creation, it’s not even funny… anyway, while we’re trying to bunker down and figure out what the heck we’re going to do with our feature list, feel free to browse and see what you can make of it. Technically it’s suppose to be a music creation/karaoke/social network hybrid site… but we pretty much know that we’ll eventually have to sit down and figure out where to really focus our attention on.

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