Going where the birds go.

The short version: I’ll try and see if Twitter works out for me better than LJs had been doing for me lately. My username there is elfninja.

Lately I’ve been more and more resistant to write up any more new livejournal posts. The process of coming to this page, thinking through what to write about, typing it up, and running a self grammar check is just not very fun to do, for me at least.

Moreover, as your life gets more and more routine I feel like there’s less profound stuff I can write in lengths about. Lately my life basically revolves around showing up to work, then working, then browsing websites while working, then getting off work, then playing Team Fortress 2 or a battleground or two in WoW at 3AM in the morning for 30 minutes, then heading to sleep, rinse and repeat.

So I think I’ll give twitter a try, posting about smaller, more mundane things, and hope I’ll find some of you doing the same. God knows some of your lives are definitely more interesting than mine.

Also I think I’ll start switching my username persona over to “ElfNinja” from “Jamus_se”. I think the part of me that believed in “SE” and the whole unpronounceable name part is just not there anymore. This new username fits me in more ways than one – that it’s extremely corny and cliched, that it implies naked elf obsession and lurker like posting behaviors, all fits the “now” me to a T.

So there.

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