Ant Wars II: The Ant Empire Strikes Back

Be forewarned: This is not for the faint of heart.

As I mentioned in Facebook seconds ago, I got back home from work to another desk full of ants. Unlike other times there’s a lot more ants than normal, so I was able to trace the ant trail back to the source, behind my CD shelf…

Do note that I’ve been placing ant traps all over my room in the last few months… but this kind of shenanigans obviously requires immediate Raid action (the spray, not the computer configuration).

And here’s the aftermath. As it looks like, the warmth of the power adapter apparently attracted the ants enough to dig a hole around the wall (this wall you see here leads straight outside). They chewed through the carpet and built a nest beneath the carpet, it seems. and that patch of white to the right? That’s the ant trap I’ve been placing. Much good that did – it probably kept them fed during the winter and now they’re bold enough to come out for more!
So the lesson of the day is: Ants are nasty and if they come into my room they all deserve to die a horrible death.

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