Virus Blues

Got stuff to do, no time to make a more organized post… but since I typed it up I might as well post it. I really can’t complain too much though – there’s companies out there who is willing to provide free, reliable antivirus/anti-spyware services to the layman home user, and there’s people out there willing to help others on all the random nasty programs that’s running amok, and for that I’m thankful – to the other asshole companies who tried to blackmail me while my computer is infected – screw you.

[11:18] jamuszero: ahoy
[11:18] Hong: what’s wrong with your antivirus cd
[11:19] jamuszero: what did I write again? I was pretty pissed off, that wasn’t the only idiotic thing that happened last night
[11:20] jamuszero: oh yeah, the recovery CD “recorded” my viruses
[11:20] jamuszero: it gets better
[11:21] jamuszero: once I cleared the few files in the rootkit I tried installing this other anti spyware program, it refuses to run until I connect to the internet to download the latest update
[11:22] jamuszero: yeah thanks, I disconnected because the other virus is downloading shit onto my computer, let’s let you try and update so the virus can download some more shit
[11:22] jamuszero: then it found the malware, show it to me, then pop open a website and refuse to actually delete it until I pay up
[11:23] jamuszero: free version my ass
[11:23] jamuszero: I actually considered paying the malware guys who hold my computer hostage at that point, at least they’re being honest about it
[11:24] jamuszero: that malware is pretty cleaver too, any executable that I download directly using that infected computer would automatically get infected as well
[11:25] jamuszero: so I had to go back to my laptop, download another spyware remover, make the fuck sure it’s actually free to remove stuff, bring it back, install it, and scrub the shit out of that virus
[11:25] jamuszero: that computer is still showing error messages from the rootkit scrubbing, but at least it’s usable now
[11:25] jamuszero: wasted a good 10 hours on it though

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