Rant Tuesday: I Don’t Want to Rant about Dark Knight Rises or the Shooting

…but apparently I can’t put anything else in my mind at the moment, so I’m stuck with these ideas.

The movie was fine. It was… good, I guess? It certainly didn’t leave an impression like The Avengers did, or Inception, if we’re talking about a movie in Nolan-verse. I think the movie worked up until the Lazarus Pit sequence… everything was logically hopeless up to that point. And then the writers realized they’ve written themselves into a corner and things started to unwind in increasingly comical manner, until the ending when it pretty much ended up like this:

(I still can’t believe none of the friends with me got the reference when I mentioned it)

…and the shooting that’ll forever be associated with this movie. Whenever inhuman tragedies like this happens, I really wish there’s a way to erase the identity of whoever is responsible… not for their sake, but so that their names would never be recorded anywhere in history… in a generation where every voice wants to be heard but few would be heard, I find that rewarding these extreme acts of depravity would fast become a dangerous slippery slope.

…on the other hand, I find it extremely difficult to sympathize with the victims and those related to the victims of these events. I’m suppose to feel sad, I think, but I don’t know any of these people, just a name and a vague description. I know how I’m suppose to feel, but whatever feeling I have is not going to be genuine. And when am I – when can I – be happy again?

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