Design Diary Tuesday: I Hate You, Drawing Board

… but it looks like I’ll be going back to it for a bit.

(this is game in progress that’s being discussed, just as a refresher)

There’s currently a lot of fuzziness involved with how projects are chosen and how players gets rewarded for making progress, completing projects, or exposing other player’s incompetence. Based on the results from yesterday’s calculations, the deck would also need to be more than 40 cards thick – maybe it’d go all the way up to 60 or even 80, an uncomfortable number to print play decks with.

I’m also being constantly tempted to add complexities to the game. What if when you undertake a project, you can boast or bid how far you can go with it? Go bigger for more funds and reputation, but get more blame for its failure. There should also be rewards for completing the same project before another player to earn extra rewards.

But adding all these things don’t change the fundamentals of “cheat” or “not cheat”. I really hope I can come up with ways to accomplish different levels of deception, with bigger lies yielding bigger rewards.

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