Dream Journal: Rules for Time Travelling

If anyone ever bother to read far enough back, this blog used to be a dream journal before I’ve decided to use the space to practice my craft. I’ve deleted most of the uninteresting or too personal posts, but once every blue moon there’s still dreams that are interesting enough in and of itself that I want to write things down.

This is definitely one of them.

The dream itself might have been all over the place, but the rules for time travelling is pretty explicit:

  1. You can only travel back in time, never forward.
  2. A time traveler can, at any moment in time, produce a time ticket. A machine owned by the time traveler can remotely print them.
  3. The time ticket looks like a movie/concert ticket, recording the time and location the ticket was created.
  4. Once retrieved from the machine that prints the ticket, it can be used any time by reciting lines printed on the ticket and tearing it. Holding on to the stub, the time traveler instantly returns to the moment in time the ticket was produced. Everything is the same except that the time traveler maintains all memories before making the trip.
That’s pretty much it. It’s not particularly scientific or unique, but the idea of the moments saved being tickets have a particularly interesting ring to it. I can probably write a short story this coming Tuesday based on the idea.

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