Art Weekend: Business Casual (WIP)

Since this is a long weekend, technically I’m still on time. This is going to be a multi-week project.

I had a late start for this particular drawing. For the longest time I couldn’t think of anything good to draw, but this idea came up in the last minute. The first draft of the drawing looks like this:

The idea is there, but the perspective for the chair is way too extreme and the leaning height is not right for Cecil at all. I also went back to previous pages of Future Sight and remembered Lynn has shorter hair. I went to Photoshop, dragged some things around, print, retrace, and came up with a second draft:

The pose looks a bit better. I like Lynn’s new nonchalant attitude. Cecil’s height still isn’t quite right though, so I had to do more fixing. I retraced the corrected image in Photoshop and added some of the background back in, resulting in the trace on top.

There’s still some awkward anatomy that’ll need some fixing, but overall I’m pretty close to being able to color this piece, which is a whole other nightmare.

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