Today’s short interlude

Today sucks.

Nobody ever told me about my Japanese composition so I didn’t do it at all.

It rained and I didn’t bring my umbrella when there’s one sitting in my car.

Got my ass handed to me by Nathan on VirtualOn.

Went online and play Tactical Ops, got my ass handed to me again by people I don’t even know. You ever get this sensation that you want to bring a real gun, find every one of these mofos who head-shotted you, and blow their face apart so they’ll never be able to frag you online again? I do.

So the only good thing that happened today was to have my LJ setup thanks to George and Cindy. Thank you, and thank you again ~.~


I didn’t want to keep that. Don’t you trust me enough? In the past I thought we were just a click out of sync, but now, even when you’re there, I can see how hopeless this case had turned out to be. Of course, to have different demands in life would make the entire idea even worst, but what can I do but watch?

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