DDR Updates

Newly passed: Naoki Neo Standard (double), Soul 6 (single). It’s about f*cking time, that’s all I’m going to say. I’d love to do Classics if I have the skill to do it; right now I’m thinking more about working on my first AAA. Sexy planet seems more possible than .59, but they both seem very doable.

In other news, I finally get to be Nathan once on VirtualOn. There’s some terribly messed up strategies that you can use for that game. Messed up as in you slice up the other guy in 15 seconds. That’s just not right.

I also got to stage 2-2 in Time Crisis 3, much to my surprise. I was so “in” it for a moment there, probably because I had a game of TC1 beforehand?

In other other news, Sid reminded me that my schedule for next year is just plain screwed up and incorrect. So that means I will not be able to take any Japnese next year. Unless I want to minor in it and get a specialization in AI and maybe also get a minor in Digital Arts and take two more years to complete my UCI career.

Whoa, that didn’t sound too bad, save for the fact that my parents will go after me with a butcher’s knife and I’ll slit my wrist with my own ezkill butter knife ™…

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