At this rate, I’ll need to use JointRitis really soon.

Boring day today.

Was suppose to work on the CAE T-Shirt today, but I got close to nothing done. I’m really disappointed at myself. My whole body aches~ stretching and cracking them is only making it more painful. George once said that he’d be laughing at me if I get Arthritis before I’m fifty. Ur, you can probably start laughing about now. I’ll be getting them really soon.

I also feel tired, drowsy – I slept for more than half of the day if you count afternoon naps. Also, the new art room that my father built takes time getting used to – I’m crammed more when I work on my computer desk but I’m more used to that niche. Even though I have to admit, the art room has a nice view of the backyard and it’s clean and neat and tidy and I have all the room in the world ot leave my drawings and art supplies on the table to go back and work on them later. I can’t possibly do that on my computer desk.

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