Artist’s Block…

There had always been debates among artists about whether artist’s blocks truly exists or if it’s just our lame excuse for saying “I’m feeling f*cking lazy today so f*ck off”.

Actually, that’s not even what’s happening to me today. I’m drawing things well, just not the things that I want to draw. What’s even more frustrating about it is that it happens all the time, not like a bio-rhythm where you go between “normal” and “wierd” or “once in a month” deal.

There’s an old Chinese quote that roughly translates to “When you spend all of your effort planting flowers, the flowers won’t grow; but throw a seed for a tree and it’ll grow into a shade by itself.” I don’t like what the quote implies, but it is happening to me right now.

Yes, this is about the picture for the CAE T-shirt. I can’t do it. Just-can’t. Instead I find myself going off and doodling for concept art for my other flash games. And just to let you know that I’m not doing this because I’m some “self serving bastard who only draws for himself”, I kept thinking about the CAE characters and actually came up with quite a few good ideas for posters and such when I was working on the game.

I honestly believe that if I can somehow set my mind so that I’m completely focused on working on another flash game, the CAE T-shirt will get finished in 2 days. Such is not the case. Pity is I.

In other news…
Extreme. Extreme. Extreme. We want it and we want it now. You know you want to get one for us loyal students/players/DDR slaves… do not attempt to fix the monitor… it will not work…

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