Pain and Suffering

Since I have mistaken some deadlines and successfully lost my application for Financial Aid, I just lost priority profiling and it’ll also mean my debt goes up to $12000 next year. Actually, $15000 or more, since now I’ll also need to pay for the new and improved tuition rates.

CAE T-Shirt is nowhere near done. I’ve literally wasted an entire week on failed sketches, drawing the same pose over and over and over again until I gave up and started shooting people randomly in Postal 2.

I’ve also mistaken the deadline for my ICS 143 homework. According to the syllabus, I just lost 10% of the total credits I can get for the class. My best hope for the class is now a C. And of course, anything below that means I’ll have to retake the class, means I’ll not be able to graduate in 5 years, means that I’ll have to pay another five to six thousand dollars in wasted tuition.

I’ve messed up last two Japanese quizzes and I’m barely managing on my homework. The only sure A is falling short also. I have less and less faith in the class as the days go by, not because I have lost interest in Japanese but I’ve lost interest in the class overall. My classmates are, shall I say, intellectually uninspiring… oh who am I kidding, they’re all f*cking retards. Including me.

Let’s not start mentioning that I’ve done nothing for Justin and his AMV.

I’m four weeks behind in loads of homework in my Math 6C class. Midterm is this coming Thursday and if I don’t pass this one, I will hang myself in the basement if we have a basement in the first place.

The only relief is that my back finally stopped sending me jolts of pain every time I bend, but my body is still rigid and unresponsive.

This is surely one of the worst week that I’ve run into since a long, long, time ago.

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