End Times

My mom is Christian. As such, and because I was once a Christian also, she would always bring up topics about how this is about time that the end of the world comes and then it’s Judgement Day and all the things that follows.

Some good indications are:
1) The reestablishment of the nation of Isreal:
Done, done, and done. And the Temple is going to be rebuilt.

2) Plague, War, and Unnatural Calamities increases:
a. SARS seems to be growing into the new Black Death. Apparently this is more serious than most people otherwise thought. Lots and lots of people are going to die, no doubt about that.
b. If Bush stopped in Iraq, I wouldn’t feel as terrified as I am now about how World War III might actually be happening. And this time we get to play the Nazis, how quaint.
c. Earthquakes, unnatural changes in climate… all signs of bigger things to come.

Seriously, There’s no better time to think about end times than now. I mean, all the signs are there, and I can feel the earth is going to explode any minute now. And what am I thinking about?

Pass classes. Pay off debt. Find job. Make games. Draw pictures. Find cute girl(s).

My life is ridiculous in the biblical perspective. But I’m so deep down the rabbit hole that the only thing I can think about in that point of view is how far I’m going down in the depths of hell. I mean, it must be a pretty big place to host almost all of humanity, right? Man, we’re all so going to hell.

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