A sweet delight and a land of childhood dreams,
A fruit sharing passion in both name and color,
To swing, to tap, in a ball, no less,
To change or alter between File and View,
A man who remains in heaven or hell.
To be on the right side of society’s minds,
An eternal riddle between this seed and its product,
An organ that stands for punishment to the head,
A uniting word before work or mate,
A bottle filled in every pen,
A child who is lost as a family of one,
“Never say it” is the word already said.
A pain for withholding truth, an ancient lighting guide, a cup for the afternoon;
A contest of speed and the difference between the two;
Two men who spoke to Mary on the death of her beloved;
A thing an eye cannot see and how a wise man understand;
The stuff of dreams in the rising of the sun.

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