There is no Spoon.

Man, reading last night’s entry scared me somewhat – I spilled way too much beans, more than what I should have… of course, I can edit it, but then writing a LJ is always about spilling your worst beans, so eh. Besides, I think most people know that I take it all too seriously when George kept accusing me of being “hentai, ecchi, saite…” and I said “I take half of that as compliments”. Ahh, such is life.

Justin skips class today
Extreme is too addictive~
I will do it too.

The sugar high, however, carried over – maybe I should say that I got refueled instead. Today my oldest brother came back from Singapore and so we went on buffet – I spent half the time there eating desert. Which reminds me, I just HAVE to read you these hilarious fortune cookie fortunes that I get from that particular resturant. I sware, they’re so ironically true when they’re applied to my life. Here’s what I got for tonight:

“Confucius say your eyes have magnetized a secret admirer”

To which I have two things to say:
1) It’d better not be a guy.
2) If 1) is true, then where in the world is she?!

Here’s what my mom got, which I didn’t dare trying to translate to her, doesn’t apply to anything, it’s just plain stupid:

“A woman who seeks to be equal with men lacks ambition. Ouch!”

I didn’t make up the Ouch part. That’s part of the fortune. I mean, what the heck? Message aside, that’s just contradictory. someone who seeks something lacks ambition. I’m confused…

Oh, right, everyone already said that ZZ got Ex. I think everyone was there; no need to tell anyone that we know about it, I think. So now I’ll need to put my pursuit of Midnight Blue Double on haitus and go for Trick Double instead. Anti-Boost Reverse gallops step = teh sucks.

And I finally get to hit MaxX Unlimited on random non-stop. Let the heaven strike me with the icy frozen lightning bolt, baby!

Oh wait, I failed that song on random non-stop too.

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