Like a Splinter in Your Mind…

Very interesting survey.

1. When did you decide to be straight?

If being “straight” can be defined as “having a definite attraction to females emotionally/physically and not males”, I think that age came when I was in mid-high school, when girls ceased to be ugly and started teasing guys around just because they can. That, or it’s because American TV got the better half of me with its stern objection to sex on the outside and creamy half obscure sex scene fillings on the inside.

2. Why did you choose to be straight?

I think being straight is more socially acceptable – nothing wrong with being gay every now and then, but I don’t like contradicting society and so I think I’ll just stick with what most people accept as the norm. There’s also a common saying that the female body is more aesthetically pleasing – that’s dated way back to the Greeks – and I mean, they spend their life making themselves look good; might as well give them credit for something (that las sentence was just loaded with double meanings).

3. Were you attracted to the same sex before you decided to be straight?

Before High School? No, I have no preference at all. Didn’t know jack about what it means to be straight or be gay. Sex Ed was a blur – we mostly spend our time passing sheets around and making fun of words like “periods” and “erection” (After that Sex Ed week in grade school, whenever someone would mention one of those words, everyone would burst out laughing for no particular reason). Obviously I have no intention to see anyone naked; girls looked butt ugly back then. No curves, no cleavage, they didn’t even bother to make their faces look good.

Ahh, which reminds me. The Hong Kong education systems works a little differently than here in the U.S., that is, we have Elementry School (1-6) and then Secondary School (7-12?) before working into the more universal college system. Since Middle School and High School was crammed into the same campus, I did have a glimpse of the “beautiful world of adult womenhood” shortly before I made the transfer in the middle of 7th grade (then Middle School in the U.S. just plain sucked… except for that really hot ESL teacher. And that really hot Math teacher. And that really hot… I just found my reason for doing so well back in Middle School…). Oh, and we have a strict uniform system back in Hong Kong too, so it’s not all too different than Japan. Actually, I take that back. The uniforms there were designed to make you look ugly, and they also restrict most hair styles that involves flowing long hair (you’re required to tie them up).

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