Finals are Over! Plus: Apparently, I’m not geeky enough.

39.64497% – Major Geek
Uso! Lies! Lies! I am much more geekier than that! I have to be! But in general American standards, I guess Sci-Fi knowledge is geekier than anime related knowledge. Good thing that I’m a Trekker when I’m off from watching anime, or I would have scored even lower.

Finals are over. Yea. The score, on the other hand, is something I’d rather not discuss about. I think you catch my drift: let’s just say that I will deal with the consequences later. A few months later. Right now it is my intention to sit down and play video games for several hours.

Ahh, before that, as promised, I’ll talk about my first trip that I took in that crazy summer of 2001. As I have mentioned before, I took two trips during that summer: the first one, I will cover shortly, and the other one I have described in full length. For the most part, the two trips together ended my ties to all the web artist communities that I previously had known. I also discovered my other devestating defect during this first trip.


Sleepy ~__~

I’ll talk about it tomorrow.

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