Oh finally, an entry about what’s happening in my actual life.

Rather interestingly, I met the creator of the 10K Commotion today. Interesting because from the looks of it, I had no idea she would be who I think she is. Not that she is particularly famous (or un-famous, since I did know her by her works), but it’s just one of those things where “hey, this stuff [on the internet] that he (so I thought) is pretty cool, but I think he’s probably living somewhere else right now… and even if he lives around Orange Counter, no way in hell would he be showing up in Zot Zone in finals week just for the heck of it.”

It’s a small world afterall.

Other things in a nutshell: Rosalind seems more troubled that she described, and I think when the complaints goes from a side note in a blog to something spoken, it’s serious. I’m getting a better grasp on how to beat the Magician – still far from it, but his bar is like 4/5 by the time I die now, getting there. Don’t know if I screw up my math finals but let’s not get God involved in this mess. A strange “feature” was added to George’s trusted laptop; I blame it on months of pad pounding and table shaking. Still can’t pass anything worth passing on BeatMania. I’m stuck being able to do the songs I was able to do and fail the songs that I couldn’t do before. Rather tempted to try Capcom V. SNK 2 but… no. I’ll get my arse handed to me. No progress on the commission art – good thing Justin doesn’t read this.


After my oldest brother who came back and cleaned his stuff before moving back to Singapore left, I found a deck of “bishojo cards” that I’ve made a long time ago – God knows how long – and you bet he knows – from the stashes of things about to be thrown away. Basically, it’s a deck of 52 cards made from 2.5″ x 3.0″ cards (3×5 index cards halved) and each card has a unique drawing of a girl in it. I was inspired to start another deck – only this time to draw all girls facing right, since I have a weakness for not being able to draw them facing that way.

The deck also bring back memories – remember that crazy Summer of 2001 (I’ve also recovered by Otakon 2001 pass; the correct chronological order is that I’ve met Daisy in Fall 2000, hooked up and broke up with Shari in Winter 2000, disappeared from the internet from Spring 2001 to Summer 2001, and went on the fateful life changing trip during that crazy Summer of 2001) that I covered over the last few journal entries? There’s another fateful trip that I took that summer, and I handed one of my bishojo decks to a friend that I met during that trip. (For the record, I made three decks: one incomplete deck that I recovered from the soon-to-be-trash bin, one deck that I no longer possess, and one deck that I’m currently working on)

That trip is far less interesting than the Filthy Slut Whore/Maniac Depressive/Mr. Duel Personality that I get to meet on the other trip, but still, it’s really worth talking about.

After finals though, since that’s yet another long story.

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