I bought a deck of Tarot cards today.

It’s not that I don’t know ABOUT Tarot readings before (that is, I have the knowledge of how to read a spread), but because of my religious ties in the past, I’ve never had the guts to get myself a set. Ironic, isn’t it? Someone who had left the faith of an almighty God to trust his hands on a deck of 78 cards, no more, no less.

Actually, as of late, I’ve been relying a lot on divinations, usually in the form of a dice or a coin flip. There has been many, many random decisions that I have to make, and it seems that only a random roll of chance would deem appropriate for situations as such.

Of course, Tarot is no game of chance; besides its strange ties to the occult AND biblical symbols at the same time, I consider it more as an associative thinking exercise. Afterall, your reading of your own cards is your own; each card has more than one interpretation and chances are you’ll be able to associate SOMETHING about the question you asked with ANY of the card that you draw. Of course, there’s always the future part to it, but I won’t take it as what is going to happen as much as what I’m planning and its consequences. Afterall, if the consequences of a reading is unavoidable, there’s really no point in reading the cards at all – might as well just wait for the inevitible to come, which would bring us back to ground zero.

If you are interested in knowing, I had a seven card spread for my burning question as stated long ago in coded messages. The last card in the spread is The Hermit. I really need a change in attitude or else I’ll not have this issue resolved.

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