Before I forget

Kick of the day: After a full day of waiting in line and going to places, I went with Kevin and Ann to their room for a short break. Then Kevin headed for the AMV and me to the Anime Single Out, and we go into the same elevator. We were on the 11th floor. Then the elevator goes down to the 10th floor, and it stays there, and there’s no bell, and the door doesn’t open.

We all start complaining that God forbid, the elevator is stuck. Then the door slowly opens.

A girl. Cosplaying as Samantha from The Ring (you know, the dead one). She’s DEAD ON ACCURATE on her costume. Same height and build, the expression and everything, just perfect.

Slowly walked toward us.

As one of the people in the elevator described, “Whoa, that was the best elevator ride I’ve had in four (?!) days~”

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