Shift in Purpose

to George, to Megan,

There has been a small shift in purpose of this private, selective section of my LJ.

Just in case that you’re not aware of it, George, I’ve locked this section so that only a confidential few that I feel comfortable sharing would be able to read this second layer of thoughts and sufferings that I have. I don’t like playing favorites, and I’ve felt the sting of being singled out and victimized for the better half of my life, so the only way I can justify myself is that here, what is spoken might affect people close to me negatively in ways I cannot predict, upsetting the status quo of my life to levels of unneeded drama.

So, that being said, this realm is like Las Vegas: whatever that’s being spoken here, stays here. I would like to hear comments, but just keep them all here… we always have other stuff we can talk about in person, just like before.

If you haven’t noticed, a sizable chunk of the LJ was being removed sometime ago, and I was not upset because of a job interview – I didn’t even go to any this whole summer. When the time is right, I’ll just write out what really happened to keep this a consistent journal, like the real physical one which I no longer update.

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