Picture Journal Entry

I’m sort of excited about these picture journal entries, so I’ll do one early today.

What began as a drawing of Ayu turned into a full fledged rendering of all the characters in my old, old (in fact, my first!) webcomic, Tide of Avalance. These are characters that lived in my head for a long, long time; it dates all the way back to my second year in High School when I get my first dial-up internet connection. Back then, the internet was so new that people found my webcomic just by using the search engine… those were the good old days.

From left to right: Ayu (from Kanon), Veronica (Top), Kaorin (Bottom), Thomas, Mona, Rose, and Samantha.

This is also a fine example of the terrible things that can happen when you don’t plan your picture ahead. Their footings are all different, some of their body part overlaps anonymously, and Tomas’s scale is just plain wrong (this is due to not paying attention when drawing on a flat surface, so things farther from the edge of the table looks smaller to the eye). I love everything on Rose though. The new armor layout looks reasonable and beautiful; the new face mask looks just right. I’ll need to think about how to work that curly hair but it’s fine for now.

As you can see, I’m not a very patient man… by the time I start working on the last two characters (Verionica and Kaorin), I slurred everything in order to just get it done. Veronica is behind Kaorin and yet she looks larger than the rest… *sigh*.

Tieing this to my daily life, ever since I cleared the upper bunk out of my bed, The wall on the bed side looks awfully lonely, so I’m going to work on a series of movie-poster like drawings in order to fill the space. Currently, I’m definitly going to do one on Tide of Avalance. I’m still undecided whether to reuse the T-Shirt picture or redraw one for the CAE mascots. The other two will most likely be posters for my other games: Ronin, GunBlaze, Dragon Saga… oooh, I should probably do one for my two personal mascot too. I’m also planning to paint the room light blue… yum.

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