Free Scanner

Oh, by the way, since I have a new scanner, my old one is, in all practicality, useless to me. If there’s anyone out there who’d like a scanner and will continue to use Win95/98/ME for QUITE awhile (because Visioneer, the maker of my old Paperport 6000 scanner, had officially discontinued support for the scanner… that means, no new drivers for any new OS), let me know and I’d even be willing to deliver it to a *slightly* remote location.

Here are the specs:
Maximum Resolution: 1200dpi, Scanning Surface: A4 Size. It works off from the printer port, but has an extra output cable so you can still hook a printer up even if you have only one printer port in your computer. Has a seperate power source that needs to be plugged in. Comes with Paperport software which, again, does not work with newer systems (not sure what NT system it works up to, but for windows you can only go as far as ME).

UPDATE: Turns out my aunt is going to take it… oh well.

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