Picture Journal Entry

Thank God my cable account comes with free hosting! God, none of the free web hosts out there are willing to give me remote linking… I’ve finally resorted to searching through tons of paperwork for the cable account info, and open a member account.

News in order: I just got myself a sweet flatbed scanner that’s half the size and weight of my old scanner, works under WinXP, scans twice as quietly, and best of all, only $49.99!

so with everything in place, I’ll finally be able to do some journal entries the way I wanted it to be: pictures with words, like the one that I physically keep. Of course, for the most part, the pictures aren’t related to the words at all, but sometimes after I do both, one thing (the text or the picture) may come out as more memorable as the other.

Just in case that you don’t know, I’m in my strange enamored mood right now. Don’t ask me why, there’s never a reason behind it and it lasts for an indefinite period of time. Of course, this this easily reflected in the pictures that I draw. I’ll have to work harder on how to draw people holding hands, though. Interaction poses are hard for me mostly because I can’t bear to look at anything that couples do, and I haven’t taken a drawing class where they have couples as models, much less the two in cuddling positions.

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