I need to find a hobby that someone else can enjoy with.

because all the things that I do right now are basically solitary hobbies and it’s not very productive to my social career. Here’s the things I do/don’t do right now.

– I don’t play any type of sports. I do not excel in any type, I do not feel pleasure in playing (for the most part), and as much as I’d like it to be, DDR is not a type of sport.

– Reading and collecting trivial knowledge. This is a recent hobby, but other than being able to show off some rare knowlege and beat the contestants while watching Jeopardy, not very useful either.

– Drawing. Not really something to be shared. If you meet another artist, you either get envious or critical. There’s no middle ground, I swear on (all three of) my grandmothers’ grave(s).

– Game programming. This has to be the thing that I’m most proud of and least useful in life. Now that a career of it is out of question, I’d really have to ask why the fuck I’m still doing this, despite the increase in audience that I now enjoy.

– As for games, I play FPS exclusively now… never was much of a fan for console titles, and FF7 was the only SquareSoft title I bothered to play and finish… never owned a SNES, and the old NES classics that I enjoyed were made by a now defunct Japanese comapny.

I don’t enjoy playing traditional RPGs as much as I used to… every single modern RPG and their mother uses a real time system that requires more reflex than strategy, which I abhor… the last great ones that I’ve played would have to be Fallout 1 and 2, but they’re not coming back again, ever. MMORPGS destroys life and is completely out of question.

I’ve pledged to stay away from RTS games. I used to be okay with the idea, but I’ve grown to detest anything real time, including RTS. I found simulation games purposeless and boring after the first hour of gameplay, so that’s out of question for me too.

– Ever since I was forbidden from reading works of fiction since 13, I haven’t been touching a single fiction book except for the DragonLance series – and for some reason, nobody that I know had even read the series, much less become a fan of it. I’ve made a hobby out of reading technical texts and RPG rulebooks, but that’s hardly something you can talk about over a cup of coffee.

– Oh, I don’t drink coffee, either.

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