Useless Info Of The Day: My Schedule

I’ve petitioned for four different classes this year in addition to what I already have: ICS 152, ICS 161, ICS 139W, and to a degree, Japanese 2A.

I got my ICS 152 add cards signed, but decided that the class is not worth it because lecture starts at 8 in the morning, and the lecturer speaks Engrish – not a good combination.

ICS 139W has always been a pain in the arse. I’ve been trying to add this since my first quarter here, and still there’s no luck. There’s some serious problem with this class that the ICS department needs to work out.

I tried, and believe me, I fought with my conscience for days before I decided to finally give up Japanese 2A – I HAVE to graduate this year, so I can’t drop my major classes and mess around like last year. I’ll definitely keep the textbook and CD, but if anyone still has not bought a workbook, I have one that I can part with. Again, just ask me for it.

Now, the good news: I just got added to ICS 161 from the wait list! That makes me happy, because everyone and their mother seems to be in ICS 161 this quarter: Song, Eric, and Sid, to name a few, and we almost never share a class together! With that much brain power, we should all do well copying each other’s homework helping each other out with homeworks. Yayness!

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