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I’m currently officially allergic to…… something.

About a month ago, I started having skin rashes around my body. It was just a small patch of redness and so I just used some skin treatment gel to cure it. Then a few days ago all hell broke loose and now the red rashes are all over my body. I went to the medical center today, and I was being diagnosed as having allergic reactions toward… something.

The problem is, this started a month ago. Given my memory lapse, I have no idea what new thing I was touching or eating, but if you remember showing me some exotic pet, fur, food, plants, shampoo, etc. about a month ago, please let me know so I can avoid the hell away from it in the future. I haven’t had a good night of sleep for almost a week because of this, and sure as hell I’d want to avoid it from happening again if I can.

Oh, by the way, since it’s my own allergic reaction, it’s not contagious. Although I might look a bit intimidating, please don’t avoid me like the plague – it won’t get to you, unless you shove me something that I’m allergic to and make me suffer, then I’ll surely think of something that can make your life miserable.

And have a nice day… I’m sure not having one right now. ittai yo ;___;

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