Some just say the world is changing

Many people will agree
Many changes we are seeing
I will say
It’s the end,
the end,
the end of the century…

Having a scorched sky all around you and having almost zero coverage on all news site kind of make you rethink that all news are relative, and that not all news are relevant.

Among than other things it makes you think.

My allergy symptoms are going away, albeit slowly. My skin still feels irritated, especially when I try to sleep.

So anyway, my family celebrated by going out to dinner at Todai’s tonight. I insisted on it – I want to give a try at the rest of the sushi/sashimi crusine now that I’m a little tired of salmon and sometimes tuna. So, I basically went in and tried out everything that they offered, including those rather intimidating looking ones.

The end result: not very good. I’m not sure if it’s the resturant’s fault, but every new dish that I tried started tasting like fish stink before any other favorable flavor can settle in my tongue. I hope that they’re using fresh and well prepared materials – it sure wasn’t worth it paying $30 per person for this kind of crap if it’s their fault. But anyway, you know my motto – “If at first you don’t succeed, stay the hell away and never try again”. I guess I’ll be sticking to my salmon and tuna then. I feel awfully shallow that I can’t appreciate the full spectrum of Japanese crusine, but realizing that I’m already quite fixated on Chinese and American Italian food, I wouldn’t be the least bit worried about variety.

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