Color Coded Life

You probably wouldn’t notice it since you’re viewing it from YOUR friend’s page, but I’ve resetted my LJ format to the old classic style in order to view my friend’s entries better. After some more name hunting, I’ve found some connection to the past that I’ve recorded with meticulous details in my older LJ entries. If I had found one or two more names, I would be able to finally reconnect my past completely with my present, something that my selective memory is never able to accomplish.

It would be my best wishes, anyway.

The fact is, my life as a collection is as color coded as it appears on my LJ page right now; I go through quantum leaps during stages in life where there’s little to be left after a stage is over. But then, I leap from one stage to another only because my old life is no longer acceptable to me, and I often blame myself for not making enough of an effort to salvage my past…

Such as it is, what was broken in the past remained as piles of waste that never fixes itself; much amends still needs to be made, and much more effort needs to be done to make all the good things in my life come back together again.

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