Perfect Asian Girl (thingie)

So, George and I had a short discussion on my definition on what the “Ideally Perfect Asian Girl” would be like. I choked because I couldn’t come to concrete terms on the subject matter; but now, after giving it some more thoughts, and without referring to the context of the previous conversation, I hereby present to you this description of the “Ideally Perfect Asian Girl”:

1) Young; between the sweet age of 19 and 22.
2) Slim; thin as a stick but nevertheless does not make the person unattractive in any way.
3) Always in “presentable” makeup : enough to cover major blemishes, not enough to make people choke and gag over it.
4) Must show a happy smile at all times.
5) Must talk in a gleeful, gigglish tone at all times.
6) Rarely speaks unless being spoken to. Any response given must be submissive and non-invasive.

Do I realize how wrong this description is? Of course. Do I realize that this completely degrades the female gender as a whole? Absolutely. Do I think this is a desirable person? Yes, in a wierd, surreal way, I do… or at least until I actually start listing out the features in any coherent manner.

Over the better half of my life, I think I’ve been conditioned by a combination of TV shows, movies, and romance novels/anime/manga to believe that perfect girls are suppose to be like that. Real life is a harsh equalizer, but even then you can’t help but try and believe that somewhere floating around the clouds, someone like that exists… and that meeting someone like that is like hitting the Jackpot on the wheel of fortune – hard, but not impossible.

But of course, when you see something as it really is, you feel disillusioned and in the midst of the chaos of accepting reality, there’s always a tendency for one to go back and try to make one last grasp at something that has been proven false, and in doing so make a big mess out of your entire life. And then, afterwards, a period of void – where you try to find a new model of the world around you to replace the old, broken one.

Anyway, if anyone found a girl like that, send it my way – I’ll just need to collect a few more and send them all to study under the same dorm that happens to have a hot spring in the back…

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