You do the thing that you do or otherwise you’re not doing anything

But still I don’t do the things I’m suppose to do.

So I’ve found the source of my allergy. Found at the back of a recently (one month recent) purchased RightGuard bottle has a warning sign that says thus: WARNING: Do not use on broken skin. If a rash develops, discontinue use. Now tell me, how many times do you promptly ignore these warning signs because they never applied to you? It just so happens that I make the exception in this instance. That makes me a believer… I’m going to go back and read all that crap about chronic back pain and epileptic seizures now.

The Karaoke Revolution party should fly, those that I count on coming who reads my LJ in this “chain of friendship networks” actually only includes Sid and Tracy (I think). The rest of the people either came up with valid excuses, not so valid excuses. Some dodged out, or flat out disgusted at the idea. While it’s certainly not the first time we disagreed on things (take Matrix Revolution, for example), but this is the first time where I’m the advocate of something and I’m the one doing the polling on everyone’s opinions. That doesn’t sound all that different, but somehow it is.

But all the things I just talked about bear no value to what I’m suppose to be doing right now… commission art that’s left undone, homeworks that I don’t do until the last minute, lectures being slept through or skipped, and I’m still afraid to go look for a job, even online. I’m so underqualified for any position out there it’s not even funny. You study stuff like this for half of your life and what do you have to show for it? Absolutely nothing! ^_^

Although I really have no right to complain at the moment, considering that I’ve never been through any *real* major trauma in life. Or, more accurately, none that I can remember – that’s a big difference.

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