I’m pissed.

I’m so fucking pissed.

FPS games are fun sometimes, but there are also moments when it just fucking pisses you off. Fucking no brain teammates, can’t shoot a target 5 feet away worth shit.

It’s a wonder how much morale can affect team based games. Like a real war, momentum can shift a team so that even newbies can score decently. I even realize the same thing happening to myself. When I start to lose and I can feel myself tilting, I shoot less for some reason; I’m not even talking about accuracy, I’m not even shooting. It’s like I am sending myself away like flies and I don’t even notice.

Of course, it doesn’t help that when I tilt, I generally play much worse than I can, which leads to me doing even worse. That usually results in furnitures getting pounded on and walls bashed – sometimes I’m happy about the “no questions asked” policy in my family – I feel glad that I don’t get questioned for bashing things over a stupid FPS game.

Well, it’s not all that stupid, actually, if I still want to pursue my dreams, I’ll be seeing games like these a lot.

And I’ll put in a cheat code so I and only I gets to kill everyone.

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