No, the log time is not fooling you.

And I’m still awake, all thanks to dumb me sleeping through the entire afternoon. I’m feeling day and night slowly reversing – not a good sign.

And after awhile, my scanner is screaming bloody murder and wants me to scan some more stuff, so I did:

I didn’t feel much need to cover the nudity, since they’re not intentionally nude and not detailed at all. I was making an attempt to reinvent the main characters in Tides of Avalance again. If I start to have any free time at all after I graduate, the first thing I’d do is to reestablish a webcomic – and it would most probably be Tides of Avalance. The entire story probably ran through my head more times than I can count, and it’s about time I actually get them on paper – or online – whatever, as long as others can read it.

As for reality, I’m rather happy that the Karaoke Party turned out pretty well, but the fact that so much more people showed up means that I need to improve my summoning powers – I need to be more pursuasive and persistent in inviting people. We ARE running out of songs to sing, though. We’ll definitely have to throw in DDR or DW4 or some other games if we are to throw a party like this again.

I couldn’t sign up for upper division writing again – that class desperately need more sessions and they’re not giving it to us, despite the “ICS needs more class” petition that I signed last year.

I also fall victim to my own desires and bought a copy Morrowind: Game Of The Year Edition online – I’m sorry, but the game is just too good for me to wait any longer.

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