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So, commented that I don’t draw men enough… so I’ve decided to draw more guys for a change. Continuing my trend to explore possibilities for Tides of Avalance, I’ve drawn the main character again with a wild mage, and… ur, the girl is a bonus.

Despite my interest, I’ve never had the will to actually take and go though an anatomy class, art major based or otherwise; therefore, the muscles on the characters might look reasonable, but I’m always unhappy knowing that they’re not exactly drawn right. It’s another reason I like to draw girls more – less muscles, more chances that I can fudge through anatomy that I’m not aware of (and of course, I also enjoy drawing anatomy that I’m all too well aware of).

The main character is holding the sword of the chosen, Elementis. In my original script, he found the sword a la “the sword in the stone” of Arthurian fame. It has turn out to be pretty corny now that I can think twice about it; I’ll probably scrap it and make him find it some other way. But honestly, how many way can a hero come to discover a magical sword that signifies he is the one to save the world?

The wild mage is originally named Zack and originally had DBZ style spikey hair, but as I discovered the existance of bishonens and their general role in fantasy anime series, I found that the womanizing personality of the character should lean him toward a bishi character design. I’m not completely happy with the hair style yet – it looks American Indian, which is not what I’m going for. I’m trying to get something that looks more like Sephiroth without the evilness, actually. I love the braids, I don’t want to get rid of it… it’s probably the strands in the back that is making the American Indian impression. I’ll fix that.

If anyone is reading all the way to here, I’d love to hear about name suggestions for these characters. John and Zack aren’t exactly great names for a medieval fantasy saga… I’m doing my bit of research into Celtic and Nordic myths to get some better names, but you know… help me out here. Especially if you’re bored.

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