Recently, the term “roricon” popped up around Cal Animage’s BBS, at first I thought it was a convention similar to YuriCon… but it turns out to be entirely something else.

A search on Google bring me this article about Japanese panties vending machines (don’t worry, it’s not an adult site). But if you’re too lazy to read the entire page, roricon is short for “Lolita Complex”, a facination with girls that are young and innocent.

So I suddenly had an epiphany while I was reading the page. Isn’t that exactly the kind of girl that I was looking for? When mentioned “female pet”, it was pretty close, but this just hit what I wanted dead on. Not that I grew up in Japan or anything, but I did grow up reading mangas that perpetrate roricon… which brings me to the question… is it really wrong to have this kind of complex, provided that nothing illegal gets involved, that I understand the value of maturity, and that I wouldn’t want middle aged women to giggle like a school girl to be attractive?

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