I cannot spare 10 seconds to pump crack into my veins.

Yes, a new year. Sorry, no cute pictures… I can’t even manage to draw a chibi Gambit, and I don’t want to reuse old stuff from previous years. I’m sure nobody would miss my pictures. Yup yup.

As for the topic, I’ve been in the middle of a very conflicting schedule for the last few days. After installing a new video card I’ve decided to pull out some old stuff to see the improvement, which isn’t much, because the older games does not know how to utilize the hardware. However, I’ve found my self back and addicted to a multitude of games: Tactical Ops, a Counter-Strike like mod using the unreal engine; Morrowind, the game where you stare at the screen for hours while walking from town to town

(now with pixel shading, the water surface is reflective. Beyond reflective, actually, it’s enviroment mapping with curved surfaces, something we were trying to pick up during our graphics design class. It brings tears to my eyes again to see water… reflect… the sky… in real time. Words cannot describe the kind of joy I feel.)

; Return to Castle Wolfenstein : Enemy Territory, which I had been playing for quite awhile, and Fallout 2… again… because last time I got all the way to the final boss and couldn’t beat him because I was using half diplomatic approach and half gun toting and I didn’t level my character properly.

Oh, on top of that, I’ve been commissioned by multiple sources to work on drawings. Lots and lots of drawings, small ones, big ones, some as big as your head (no kidding… I mean, right behind me are two foam boards, 40″x60″, and I’m suppose to draw stuff on it)… and yes, if you really want to know, I’m still horribly behind schedule, having some of my time just sitting around trying to resist spending another day playing Fallout 2.

So far, I think I have spent more hours working this vacation than the time I spent studying and doing homework for the entire previous fall quarter. Yeah, it’s that much work.


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