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Today’s Topic: The Retribution Of Being Game-Deprived Is Like Having Ten Thousand Killer Bees Stinging Your Ass Until You Touch The Controller Again

Yes, I have finally succumed from my work and played games non-stop like what I wanted to do this winter break. I am weak. A total of two days had been spent non stop finally finishing Fallout 2, this time having leveled my characters properly and selected the correct teammates as to squash the final boss like a bug in 5 combat rounds (no kidding, last time I tried I died in 2). It would be fun to just aimlessly keep playing and squash random monsters like bugs, but…

My brother just came back from Hong Kong with a heap of games worthy for a king’s bounty. This includes both domestic (Read: US) games and the ones from Taiwan that we withheld from getting for months, years in some cases. A sensory overload basically caused me to break down completely, and now I’m just in a cesspool of gaming pleasures switching from one game to another on an hourly basis, and now I’m just sick from overdose and want to vomit and sleep but can’t do either.

Never will I again subject myself to personal favors under any circumstances. Looks like I’m just not built for it.

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