DDR Extreme Plus?

For the benefit of those of you who don’t follow around the Aaron In Japan fourms, there has been discussions about hacking and modding DDR Extreme/DDR Party Collection home versions. People have been able to add modifiers such as 0.25x, Break, and Wave as well as “unlocking” oni steps for normal gameplay. And in the last few posts in the thread, they’ve alledgedly moved on to hacking the arcade version…

Remember the fuss we had (or should I say we still have) over teh l33t “Mega Mix”? If this hacking is successful, we’ll be able to play something that ADDS to the game for once. I stand corrected when I stated that I like hackers – I admire hackers on the positive movement, who work to enhance the playing experience or give the players something the developers withheld from them.

I honestly don’t mind this “Extreme Plus” version appearing on the black market and getting installed in various arcades.

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