Good news, Bad news:

The Good News:

I got an A for my math 171A class.
Well, this is wierd: so one day our math professor come up to the class and say there’s a “super duper extra credit problem” (his words) and the first 8 people who finishes it gets an A for the class. So after class everyone hurries off and get started on the problem. Well, guess how long it took me to figure everything out.

5 minutes.

All you need to do is to get a special software, enter the problem into the software, click solve, and you’re done. Awsome…… heh ~__~.

I picked up a new wireless mouse, and it’s great!
I picked up a Logitech MX700, a cordless optical mouse (I sort of caved in to my inner demons after losing a game in Enemy Territory for one last time and start throwing my old mouse around). everything about it is absolutely great – response rate that feels exactly like a corded wheel mouse, great freedom of movement (like 5m from the relay station, I think), and the docking station recharges the batteries so I don’t have to change batteries. The downside? It costed me a whoopin’ $60 – hopefully it’ll be worth my money.

The Bad News:

My Hard Drive is dying.
I’ve already said that the thing wasn’t doing great when I reformatted my hard drive last time – it was cranking its way through about 10% of the hard drive when it reformats (taking 4-5 hours alone to format that 10% of the system), and the system now “crashes” everytime I turn it on. Recently, more devestating things are happening : files in the system are getting corrupted left and right, and the hard drive sometimes are loudly trying to “crank out” data…

I’m already looking for a new hard drive, but it’ll cost me more money… which I don’t have to spend… I don’t have a job, I don’t want a job at the moment, and it’s costing me a fortune to maintain the machine when I’m planning to get rid of it in half a year.

I contributed $500 to the senior gift fund half-willingly.
*sigh* two words: female caller. Remember the Penny Arcade strip about a bunch of Linux dorks trying to install Linux on the X-Box? Yeah, it’s just like that. I was actually interested in supporting the senior gift, but $500… it’s a lot of money when I’m almost bankrupt right now. Not to mention I still have to fix my computer and pay for next quarter’s tuition (which will not be supported by financial aid)…

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