In Debt

Went to the computer show w/George to grab new computer components. So even with next quarter’s fin. aid check and everything in my saving account, I’ll have about $300 to spend on books, food, and other life necessity for Spring Quarter, not to mention that after I graduate I’ll begin tuition repayment in no time. And so, I’d be in deep doo-doo if I can’t find a job before or shortly after I get out of school.

The game programming class ended; even with all the unfortunate events I think it’s the most solid experience I had, and probably the closest to an actual work enviroment before I get an actual job… that is, if I can get one. If I imagine that I can stay under my parent’s roof until I’m clean of debt, then income-wise I can stoop quite low (even though as a lifestyle, I certainly wouldn’t be able to handle it)… but my parents are feeling their ages. When you’re this old and still trying to leech everything off from your parents, wouldn’t you feel guilty about it?

I guess this can be taken as an encouragement for those keeping jobs: if you can, keep it, because you’ll never know if you need to dip deep into the stash in case something goes wrong.

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