And the story continues…

Remember that story on the issue of trust I had a few weeks back? Well, the story continued, and is now concluded in the most cheesy/dramatic manner possible.

First of all, the front yard renovation is done. See these pictures:

And our Mexican worker Tony did come back. We don’t really understand the details regarding him and his friends getting into trouble, but a few days after I wrote the journal entry, we went and pay him a personal visit – at his place. Apparently he was working with other friends of his on the highway, and needed the car to get to work. So being the trusting person that he is, my father decided to sell our car to him – and since he can’t afford it, he came back to work for us until the garden is complete.

And so, we withheld about $600 in wage and a few days ago, we signed the paper and the car was his. He stills follow my dad to work since the highway job was over. Then, he came in today with a camcorder (and he has a cell phone. I’m guessing he’s borrowing all these things, but still… how does he afford stuff like that?) to show us a fire they had in his apartment parking lot…

Basically, one car in the parking lot exploded and the rest of the cars got destroyed with it, the metal plate roof got so hot it melted and the car got burnt into a crisp. The frame is still there, but you can’t drive that around now, can you? So that was really money down the sink for him – we canceled insurance for the car and he was still looking… even if our insurance covered him, it’d just be fore liabilities and this… probably doesn’t fit into the category.

Such a tragic ending to a story about a man who came around and was honest afterall… poor guy.

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