Dreams and The Asian Who Got His Math Homework Copied

So last night I’ve had the third recurrance of a dream involving the same person that I know confessing to me. These dreamtime romantic ventures are encouraging and disheartening at the same time: encouraging because it’s something that “could have happened”, and it’s something of a good experience on its own; disheartening because you know it’s not going to happen in real life, ever. Perhaps after admitting my obsession is over, the leftover frustration vented in the form of dreams. I would stay dreaming a while longer, if other things around my life isn’t so bad.

This is not the first time I complain about my game project class, but I’ll complain again because it’s a vicious cycle that I can’t get out of. So this is a 3 people project. For the last two weeks, the only significant code that gets written are done by me. Whatever else that comes out of my teammates are done out of my constant coaching, in the form of “you go and type this and this and this and hit compile”, as if I have no fingers and they’re just doing the typing. It’s pissing me off. We’re all seniors, you’d think that if someone survives ICS 21/22/23 they’d at least know how to write some basic file I/O code or use a game library [I wrote] to do some simple operations. No dice. Everytime I tell them to do something they’ll say “okay, I’ll do it” or “I’ll get it done in 2 days” and then I’d check back later and they either do NOTHING or put some sloppy half-code together and ask me to do the rest.

Not to be racist here, but do you know the old analogy about how Asians always get their math homework copied by other folks in the class? I feel exactly like that right now – I’m the guy doing all the homework and they’re just copying it off from me, and if I complain they have the right to say I don’t “manage them well enough”, so it’s as if I’m the one doing something wrong here. I wouldn’t be this super-pissed off if I give a rat’s ass about the class like all the other ones I’ve been taking since the first day in Kindergarden – as I’ve said, game writing is my LIFE and anything related to it is worth my blood and soul. So it means I’d rather drag two dead corpses with me than to drop them and say “fuck this” and run off. But the weight is killing me. And it sucks.

Good news, Bad news:

The Good News:

I got an A for my math 171A class.
Well, this is wierd: so one day our math professor come up to the class and say there’s a “super duper extra credit problem” (his words) and the first 8 people who finishes it gets an A for the class. So after class everyone hurries off and get started on the problem. Well, guess how long it took me to figure everything out.

5 minutes.

All you need to do is to get a special software, enter the problem into the software, click solve, and you’re done. Awsome…… heh ~__~.

I picked up a new wireless mouse, and it’s great!
I picked up a Logitech MX700, a cordless optical mouse (I sort of caved in to my inner demons after losing a game in Enemy Territory for one last time and start throwing my old mouse around). everything about it is absolutely great – response rate that feels exactly like a corded wheel mouse, great freedom of movement (like 5m from the relay station, I think), and the docking station recharges the batteries so I don’t have to change batteries. The downside? It costed me a whoopin’ $60 – hopefully it’ll be worth my money.

The Bad News:

My Hard Drive is dying.
I’ve already said that the thing wasn’t doing great when I reformatted my hard drive last time – it was cranking its way through about 10% of the hard drive when it reformats (taking 4-5 hours alone to format that 10% of the system), and the system now “crashes” everytime I turn it on. Recently, more devestating things are happening : files in the system are getting corrupted left and right, and the hard drive sometimes are loudly trying to “crank out” data…

I’m already looking for a new hard drive, but it’ll cost me more money… which I don’t have to spend… I don’t have a job, I don’t want a job at the moment, and it’s costing me a fortune to maintain the machine when I’m planning to get rid of it in half a year.

I contributed $500 to the senior gift fund half-willingly.
*sigh* two words: female caller. Remember the Penny Arcade strip about a bunch of Linux dorks trying to install Linux on the X-Box? Yeah, it’s just like that. I was actually interested in supporting the senior gift, but $500… it’s a lot of money when I’m almost bankrupt right now. Not to mention I still have to fix my computer and pay for next quarter’s tuition (which will not be supported by financial aid)…