Thursday, Mar. 18: Severe weakness. Exhaustion
Fri.: Weakness, Exhaustion, Coughing, Sneezing.
Sat., Sun. : Extreme Exhaustion (14 hour sleeps) broken up by severe coughing.
Wed. : Exhaustion, Coughing, Fever, light headedness.
Thu. : Tooth Ache, muscle spasm, Fever again.
Sat. : Tooth Ache, Fever, Exhaustion, Coughing Induced Vomiting, Dizziness, Sudden Urge to Curse God in 40 different Languages

And the story continues…

Remember that story on the issue of trust I had a few weeks back? Well, the story continued, and is now concluded in the most cheesy/dramatic manner possible.

First of all, the front yard renovation is done. See these pictures:

And our Mexican worker Tony did come back. We don’t really understand the details regarding him and his friends getting into trouble, but a few days after I wrote the journal entry, we went and pay him a personal visit – at his place. Apparently he was working with other friends of his on the highway, and needed the car to get to work. So being the trusting person that he is, my father decided to sell our car to him – and since he can’t afford it, he came back to work for us until the garden is complete.

And so, we withheld about $600 in wage and a few days ago, we signed the paper and the car was his. He stills follow my dad to work since the highway job was over. Then, he came in today with a camcorder (and he has a cell phone. I’m guessing he’s borrowing all these things, but still… how does he afford stuff like that?) to show us a fire they had in his apartment parking lot…

Basically, one car in the parking lot exploded and the rest of the cars got destroyed with it, the metal plate roof got so hot it melted and the car got burnt into a crisp. The frame is still there, but you can’t drive that around now, can you? So that was really money down the sink for him – we canceled insurance for the car and he was still looking… even if our insurance covered him, it’d just be fore liabilities and this… probably doesn’t fit into the category.

Such a tragic ending to a story about a man who came around and was honest afterall… poor guy.

In Debt

Went to the computer show w/George to grab new computer components. So even with next quarter’s fin. aid check and everything in my saving account, I’ll have about $300 to spend on books, food, and other life necessity for Spring Quarter, not to mention that after I graduate I’ll begin tuition repayment in no time. And so, I’d be in deep doo-doo if I can’t find a job before or shortly after I get out of school.

The game programming class ended; even with all the unfortunate events I think it’s the most solid experience I had, and probably the closest to an actual work enviroment before I get an actual job… that is, if I can get one. If I imagine that I can stay under my parent’s roof until I’m clean of debt, then income-wise I can stoop quite low (even though as a lifestyle, I certainly wouldn’t be able to handle it)… but my parents are feeling their ages. When you’re this old and still trying to leech everything off from your parents, wouldn’t you feel guilty about it?

I guess this can be taken as an encouragement for those keeping jobs: if you can, keep it, because you’ll never know if you need to dip deep into the stash in case something goes wrong.


Remember I mentioned that my teammates did not finish any code except for the main menu, which I wrote the entire back end to? There’s a little high score save/load class that is associated with the main menu; it was trying to write integers into bytes… and… if you know anything about programming, writing numbers larger than the variable can handle = KABOOM.

So, I’ve rejected the final piece of code that is not written by me. There is now officially NOTHING in the source file folder that is completed by a person other than me.

and that wasted 3 hours of my time.


Dearest of All My Friends

And so all the frustration with my teammates boils down to this e-mail.

This is serious. Read it up.

It has been eight weeks since we got together and worked on this project.
Out of the time that we spent designing the game, I treated each of you as
an equal member in the team and so the game idea that was decided was
based on a majority vote, and that’s how our idea was chosen.

After that, I ended up writing half of the design document. There was a
serious excuse so I let that one go.

When we started coding, I wasn’t too insistent on everyone turning in
their portion of work because I wasn’t finished with the core engine; I
let that go as well.

On the subsequent weeks, I’ve made requests every week for each of you to
do something; you either ignored me or turn in something that is broken
enough that I need to take more time to fix it than to rebuild it from
scratch. The only piece of code that was turned in to me that works was
the main menu, and that’s only because I wrote the entire back end to that
module and even then, it’s still not functioning as it’s supposed to.

As it stands right now, this is not teamwork. This is a one man project
where I put out 12-14 hour work days and you guys sit around and do
nothing productive. I know that you’ve might have tried, but trying is
not good enough. I didn’t even expect elegant code or anything, just
something that works.

Fine. I’ll just take it that my code is unreadable, and so I’ll even let
the entire coding issue go.

But now it’s 10th week and I’ve done everything up to this point with no
help; I’ve even finished LevelLoader so you can make levels without
touching a single byte of code, and still, I get nothing?

This is where I draw the line.



I’ll post the rest of the instructions for making levels after I send this
e-mail; look for it under the same thread where you recieve your level
design assignment. As always,

I’ll not be attending school tomorrow; I’ll be at ICS 131 on Wednesday.
Use the BBS to ask questions if you need help with the file format. Use
the built in debug option in to let LevelLoader print
error messages. Ask me questions when the LevelLoader can’t find errors.

I’m sorry that it has to come down to this, but as much as I want to keep
good friendships, I do not want to feel cheated. This is my ultimatum.
You have been warned.

Tripped Out Dreams Again

Man, the trippiest dreams come out when you’re overworked and underslept.

It was some sort of science fair/amusement park… and somehow there’s a house of horror in the middle of it all. I walked into it and all of a sudden it seemed like I was in a large mansion and no one was there. Somehow, I seemed to remember my way to “my room”, and so I made my way upstairs and all I can hear was my footsteps. When I finally reached the room I was looking for, I went for the window and tried to look out. Then suddenly a tape recorder next to the window started doing this insane laughter. I picked up the thing and tried to throw it out, but the window is bullet proof; an alarm clock went off, and all sorts of appliances started making noises. I started running out and smashing whatever I can get my hands on.

When I made it out, I ened up in the middle of a business tower with long stairs and escalators that stretches far beyond me. I was searching for someone this time. I don’t know who that is, but like the other time I knew who it would be if I saw him or her. So I made my way up the floors and pass endless amount of Japanese business women going downstairs, and on one floor, a security guard stopped me.

It was the person who asked me to look for that other person, but at the same time, that was the person I was looking for.

I questioned him, “why do you ask me to look for you?”

“I didn’t ask you to look for me.” he replied. Then, he started to shift form and melt and in a few seconds there were two of them, acting identically. Somehow I came to the revelation that maybe one of these two were searching for the other half.

“Now there’s two of you!” I exclaimed.

The two looked at each other but seemingly seemed unaware of each other’s presence.

“No, there’s not.” they replied in unison.

I lost record of how the dream went after that. There probably was some fighting because I faintly remember one point when I realized I was dreaming and pulled out two imaginary six shooters, but anyway, that was the trippiest dream I had in awhile.

Back from the dead

So, I borrowed a hard drive from George and I’ll be able to survive for a bit longer. It seems that the IDE controller is still busted so I’ll need to get my hands on an IDE controller card to see if it delays the inevitible. I’m currently very tempted to throw this thing I’m typing on to the trash and get something new.

On one hand, I was planning to get a spankin’ new computer with my first few paychecks, as my computer is my work/entertainment/social connection and therefore my life, and if I don’t spend money on that I don’t know what is worth my money.

On the other hand, I’m flat broke right now so I can’t afford to get a new computer, and I hate this “patch and crash” approach to computers – it’s like getting a used car, you know that it’s bound to fall apart soon, you’re just waiting for it.

Do I dare to rack my credit line to its limit and run the risk of having a long term credit card debt? I wonder…

But if anyone here knows about any upcoming computer show n’ other good deals, please drop me a line. I can always borrow from my family and get the goods first – as family don’t charge interest.


My Hard Drive is DEAD

official time of death, 10:45, March 11, 2004. And it sucks too, because of the way I’m intensively working on the project and even with regular backups, I’ve already lost about 5-8 hours of work. I was hoping that the drive would last until the project is over, but alas, it gave away its last breath to a Mozilla search…

I feel like a scrub, but George, I’ll be coming over to “borrow” one of your hard drives.

I feel dirty

So, I’ve finally found a place for my teammates: they’re my lackeys. I either let them do things that’d have zero impact on the game or go around searching for information that I’d need. It does mean that I’ve completely abandoned my hope on these mush-heads… and I’ll be spending most of this week and next week locked inside my room, coding.

God Damnit

So my teammates finally handed in their portion of the code to me, and none of them actually worked.

They look like grade D ICS 21 assignments. How do these people get through the first three years of ICS? Jesus H Christ, do I have to go back and pamper these people with hints like “oh, maybe you should make this a class”, or “oh, these code repeats, you might want to start a method here”. These codes are so broken that I’ll probably be spend more time trying to fix them than to throw them in the trash and rewrite the code myself.

Can you not hear the pain and agony that is coming out from the heavens and violating me in the arse?

I’m glad that none of these people will be my permenant friends, though; I’d feel bad if my ICS friends are handing something like this to me. If that happens, I don’t know whether I should feel pissed off or go sit in a corner and cry. Yeah, you guys go and feel glad that you’re not taking this class with me. I’ll either violate you or I’ll be the one who gets violated.

Back to debugging crappy code.