Livin’ La Vida Loca / SB Get-Together Invitation

Hmm, on second thought, this isn’t about my life getting crazier as much as I’m actually getting the hang of this “deadline induced exponential work acceleration theory” under my belt.

Let me explain this “deadline induced exponential work acceleration theory” a bit. Take the game project, for example… at first, I was putting up an average of 1-2 hours everyday and not much got done in the first two weeks, then the process accelerated and I’m putting up 6 hour of work in the middle of midterm week, then about 12 hour work days for the first 3 days of 10th week and going 24 hours for the last two days.

The same applies to the drawings I’ve been doing for Justin for the last year or so. Out of the time that I actually worked on it, I spent about 3 weeks getting the first drawing done, and came up with 5 drawings working on and off during last summer (that’s 3 months!). But last two weeks, in the middle of all the coughing and sneezing I cranked out more drawings in a single day than I have ever done in my entire life – 6 drawings in a single day, 3 of them reasonably complex that usually warrants about 3 days each normally. Granted that I couldn’t recheck anatomy with pictures and other anatomy books that I have, it came out okay – sort of substandard, but at least not terribly bad.

My crunch time ability seems to be improving. When I was making Ronin, the project before this class project, I can’t pull of any all nighters – or rather, if I work overtime the extra work that I do is usually crap and I’ll have to stop, rest, and go back to fix up all the work done during overtime. But now it seems that I can manage to pull out acceptable code and drawings even in crunch time…

Now that I’m done with school and personal obligations, I think I’m going to start another cell phone game – a pint sized statbuilder/RPG like Ronin, with turn based tactical combat like Fire Emblem, based on a very old webcomic concept I had that never took off – but it’ll be great for a game. And since there’s no… sufficiently unhelpful (this is a public entry *sigh*) teammates this time, and no stupid dogma to follow, I think I can finally do a cell phone game that I’m actually happy with – and I’ll see if I can do a multi-platform version so I can sell it too… looking at games that are being made at the moment, I think I can match – if not beat – the quality of most cell phone games. Getting the game to sell (markieting) is the only problem.

Now that the tech rant is over, I have a few more days left in my “true” spring break. Let’s have a get-together for the heck of it. Anyone interested in eating at a Chinese seafood buffet resturant? It’s named “Great Wall Buffet” and the food there is awsome… our family eat at that place every weekend and we’re never tired of it. Here’s what they serve, including but not limited to:

– 5 ways to serve a shrimp : raw, on a sushi, fried with batter, fried without batter, baked in cream…
– Other seafood include baby lobsters, half-cooked oysters, crap, oriental style steamed fish, salmon with lemon, octopus, squid, scallops… I think that exhausted the list but I can’t remember everything…
– A table full of non-seafood dishes for those *ahem* allergic *ahem* to certain seafoods. I’ve never touched that stuff since I always stuff myself with seafood but I’ve heard that it’s good as well. You’d have the typical brocoli with beef, roasted duck, BBQ pork, asparagus in cheese, orange chicken
– A big slab of roast beef always ready for self serve.
– There is a sushi bar if you haven’t guessed, they serve a few common sushis as well as salmon sashimi, but you know the old saying : there is no such thing as cheap sushis.
– On that topic, they serve miso soup too… you can also try the seafood soup and the *super* hot and sour soup they have (I have to dilute it heavily with seafood soup just to drink that crap).

Let’s aim to go on Friday, in the evening at 7. The resturant is right off the 405 exit at Westminster blvd. It’ll cost $8.50 per person and drinks other than water costs extra. Fortune cookie (TM) included with every meal. Please reply if you’re interested; I’ll try and IM everyone tonight to see who is interested and see if this can take off.

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