What is mean and green and lives in a pond…


As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve had some significant work done on our front yard, one of the major components being an outdoor pond with kois in it.

We’re running into constant algae problems… the water turns murky green every two weeks or so. We end up having to constantly quarantine the fishes, replace the water, and then put the fishes back in.

Yesterday, my father pulled this trick one too many times and now all the kois are dead.

Chemical and biological filters seem completely useless; I’ve spend some time looking online and I’m getting answers from changing the PH of the water to using UV sterilizers to planting lilies and underwater plants to putting a roof on top of the pond to throwing snails into the pond…

This is ridiculous. Is it just me, or do you think this is too much trouble to have for keeping a few fishes that you barely notice when you walk in and out of the house everyday?

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