Ready to go nowhere fast

I’ll be out of school in a week. Normally, that’s a relief. That means you will be free from studies and tests and you can play games 24 hours a day then go to sleep for another 24 hours (done it) and you’ll be just fine, for a good three months… but this summer is going to be different. There won’t be school waiting for me after the summer, and believe me when I say it, that’s a bad thing.

The job search is going pretty badly right now – I know that I will have a slimmer chance than I thought to get into the industry I wanted – even less than my pessimistic prediction. Most of the e-mail inquiries I sent out sank to the bottom of the ocean, n’ junk n’ stuff. I’m also fully aware of the fact that school had taught me absolutely nothing about the work that you do out in the field, so I’ll have to start looking for internships now, hoping that those might be available more during the summer season.

Conversely, I’m feeling pretty sick about school already – I’ve been skipping school so much that it rivals my junior high school year – the year where I fail my first class and got an average GPA that’s lower than 2.0. For the first time in a while, I’ve been counting points to see if I can barely pass the classes I’m taking right now. Hopefully, I don’t get dragged back to school because I failed one of these nasty and boring courses I’m taking right now.

If you want to know what I’ve been wasting my time on when I’m at home, check out Alien Swarm – it’s a UT2004 Total Conversion that pits you against an infinite horde of aliens. I’m loving this game to death even though I’ve never seen any of the Alien movies. Even though it has a full single player campaign mode, playing online is a must – having your teammates save your ass while you try to save theirs is one of the most exciting co-op experience I’ve had, EVER.

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